vengeance of a goddess

June 14, 2011

-vengeance of a goddess-                                                                                 January 20, 2004

the goddess stands, Her hair streaming

behind like so many streamers,

colored as the wheat blowing in the soft

summer breeze-

hatred flashing like a bolt

of lightening, striking swiftly; as fleetingly as a

rabbit in the brush being pursued by the fox.

one can never truly know the extent of this

goddess’s anger lest one invokes it onto one’s self-

She is the goddess of war and vengeance, yet,

also a goddess of love and compassion.

a goddess of the carnal knowledge between man and woman,

beast and earth, sailor and sea-

standing on the brink of desire,

filled with passion, staring into the depths of the darkened abyss

of tears shed by wounds portrayed of you fear.

the terror felt in your heart is no more than the apt confrontation

with fear itself, staring into your liquid amber-ash eyes, it’s lingering gaze

searing all the way through your flesh, piercing throughout your bones

and into your very soul forcing an altercation upon you.

You cower, and the goddess’s anger flares at your weaknesses-

she raises you to her level, with a grand gesture  of her hand-

you find you cannot move, your eyes cannot close, your

lungs cannot breathe-

all you can do is stare into the hollow pits of the

exoskeleton which is you-

you attempt desperately to

release your mouth from paralyzation to liberate

a wordless scream in your throat-

finally you know the wrath of this goddess is unforgiving and

the mirror of self contemplation shatters in her hands, conveying shards

of glass into your supposed snow-white shell, which cracks, and splits

apart, exposing you for what you truly are.

The face of utter darkness. 



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