Holocaust suburbia

June 14, 2011

**disclaimer: this poem is of a disturbing nature, please proceed with caution.

Holocaust suburbia                                                                                                                            June 13, 2007

naked malnourished bodies

line avenues of Holocaust suburbia-

gruesome ornaments of

voided Sainthood-

all hail Hitler,

Lord of Hatred, murder most foul-

men, women and children pried asunder,

staggering… prodded… poked-

troubled eyes in hollow sockets

burning tormented grief,

trampling remnants of fallen memories-

goaded like cattle into Death-houses-

demise waits patiently, quietly-

child or adult, Death plays no favorites-

experiments fry in gaseous acrid air,

decaying lives-

panhandlers of joy now folly of former self-

dirty stained rags ripped

from the dead to be used for the

barely alive-

midden heaps for cruel games of

hide and seek-

moldy bread and lukewarm stew

fill vacant rumbling bellies-

days spent at the mercy of the merciless-

souls breaking under thumbs of weak

sickly men-

men retaining power with guns and brute force-

men with no love, no compassion-

slaves to the hypocritical supremacy-

even God is not God when every face,

religion and color begin to blur in

blind racist fury-

heirlooms cleaved from the centuries

in the name of the Fuhrer-

fences divorcing the generations-

enormous barbed wired walls closing in,

choking prospects of sovereignty-

guard towers, firing squads and monstrous

gas ovens brewing echoes of

disparity and irrevocable grace-



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