inner spirit

November 18, 2011


the pale yellow moon, which floats over top the wheat fields,

reminds me to give thanks-
the moon reminds me of my inner spiritual being-
the side that i am afraid to unleash-
i fear i may never be able to reel it in,

allowing it to roam free in the flowers

which the God and Goddess have created for me and

my fellow beings-
the eyes of the spring lilies undress me,

urging my wilder side to escape-
to leave this encompassing body behind,

so that i may soar over the tree tops and into the dark,

starry skies of the heavens-
to feel the wind on my face and sifting through my hair-
to know that i could gain that kind of freedom just by letting go-
could I trust myself with that much power?-
or would i disappear into the clouds,

becoming a part of the Lord and Lady that i

have come to love so much?-
would that be a punishment?-
or the greatest gift any of us could ever receive?-



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