November 18, 2011



I challenge the validity of the world-
the truth of religion, the hatred of the races-
while people claim to be a people of faith-
they are only a people of hypocrisy-
full of double standards-
how can every religion be “the one”?-
or one race be “superior” to another?-
if we are all equal, how can the rights of so many be desecrated?-
how can one person say they don’t prosecute,

only to look good in the eyes of their community?-

in their very next breath,

 they damn anyone who is different to eternal pain and suffering-

i challenge the validity of one’s ability to love-

is this world really as real as it seems?-
or is it all an illusion in our distorted memories?-
maybe one day, as we frolic in the summer lands,

in the great beyond, we will know-
but will we then

try to validate the meaning of death. . .?



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