-Phoenix born-

February 25, 2012


it won’t hurt, i promise,

she whispered, setting him aflame,

a red-tipped finger against his cheek-

the desire between her thighs,

the fuel of passion-

the match which lit the spark

that ignited the blaze, now

engulfing him,

rested upon those lips-

that pouty smile used so often

on men with weak minds

and strong libidos-

the siren from whence

all fiery chaos rains,

leaving a trail of destruction in

her wake,

he was the last in line

of bodies on fire,

falling to their knees in silent

servitude to their cruel

Phoenix-born mistress-

it was strange,

how a heart so cold,

in a body so alive,

so combustible,

never melted…

if she,


ever had one

at all-



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