-my least acknowledged friend-

May 21, 2012


though we don’t see each other’s faces,

and we barely even speak,

i appreciate you more

than you ever know-

since our tender fifth grade years…

you stood by my side,

holding my virtual hand when

everybody else fell away-

when the terror rained down upon

me, shattering my world,

leaving me in ashes,

you helped me put

myself back together again-

through the worst heartaches of my life-

through the worst tragedies any

person should ever live through,

you were there…

always a better friend to me than i

was to you-

i can only hope that one day, i can

be that friend that you need-

i so love you,

for what you’ve done for me,

and my tattered, blood spattered



this poem is inspired by my best friend- we’ve grown apart, mostly in distance… but i hope it tells her how much i care, and how much i miss our friendship. froggy and fly, bff ❤


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