-mirror’s journey-

July 5, 2012

july 4, 2012

you stare down the road

not taken,

wishing it were your own-

before you take that

first step,

i beseech you,

search yourself  long and hard

in that mirror,

and ask yourself:

are you ready for that


search deep…

that path is treacherous and

fraught with

obstacles you’ve never faced-

and you may end up

standing alone,

more alone than

you’ve ever been in your

whole life-

are you ready for that?

are you ready to

take a stand?

are you ready to join

the ranks of those who

came before you?

if you’re not,

if you’re not brave enough,

you should  stay on the safe

and narrow…

and continue feeding on

the dreams of wishes



*inspired by eminem’s “not afraid”


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