more rejections-

August 20, 2012

any writer knows that it’s extremely difficult to see that rejection letter in your mail. whether it be email or snail mail, it effects (affect?) you just the same.

it feels as though they are tearing your writing apart, telling you you aren’t nearly good enough for your dream, the dream you’ve spent years caressing, crying and laying awake over.

whether it be from agents or the publishers themselves. you feel worthless… even if your friends and family tell you otherwise. but that’s the problem. are your friends and family just biased towards you? or do they really, truly believe you’re as talented as they say they do?

this last rejection hit me pretty hard… the woman said “Projects must have stellar world building, characters that leap off the page, pacing that is relentless and a story that entices the reader to take its journey with the characters. I know that’s a tall order, but if your writing is lacking in any of those areas, I must pass on it” …. now, i know i have some work to do, but… what the hell does that even mean?! that doesn’t tell me anything! she didn’t bother telling me what i needed to improve on. they want the first ten pages, what do they expect to happen in those pages?

it has me doubting my talent, and my resolve for writing altogether. at first i said, “fine, i’ll just self-publish again, why not…” but now, i’m asking… “what’s the damn point?”




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