-the boy she knew-

August 26, 2012


i didn’t know him-

i’d heard his name-

it floated around the halls plenty

that day-

“did you know…?”

“yeah…i heard…”

for me, it’s a vague memory-

but for her, it’s much more-

a skater kid, with a ready grin-

a best friend-

they spoke often-

the night before was no different-

they’d said goodbye,

she said, “i’ll see you in the morning”-

but she didn’t-

because he skipped school,

she didn’t think much of his absence-

until she was pulled from class-

until her heart skipped a beat, then

stopped altogether,

falling to the floor,

where she might have fallen

had those hands not been there to hold her-

he’s dead… he killed himself…. 

but i just talked to him last night…!

he seemed happy…!

when she told me of his tragedy

years later,

she still cried…

for the boy she knew,

the skater boy with the ready grin-



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