what makes a good writer?

August 26, 2012

i’m sure you’re like me and have asked yourself this time and time again. especially when you get one rejection letter after another, right?

i used to think it was using the big words, and describing every single action, making sure you make every little thing leap off the page into the laps of your readers… well, while these things help, and are important to a ton of publishers, they do not a writer make.

i am learning to look at it like i look at movie critics.

i don’t trust movie critics (or book critics!) tell me what movie i will or will not enjoy… i’d like to make my own opinion thank you very much! each publisher and agent is a lot like that critic. certain folks will enjoy your certain style of writing more than another… this is why it is essential to continue putting out your work, sending it to publishers and agents.

because you never know when they are going to say… i love this, and i have a corner in this market of people who will also love this…

good luck my fellow writers… !!!




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