-11 years later-

September 11, 2012


surrealistic realism,

stunned into silence-

watching the news footage,

first one plane, then the next-

buildings gaping open, papers flying

free of the exploding fireballs-

open-mouthed in shock as

the people leaped from the windows,

in self-serving sacrifice-

heart breaking for each of them-

First Responders were

firefighters and police;

some even off duty-

volunteers were passersby-

digging through the rubble,

desperate to shine a ray of hope in

the billowing soot of Terrorism-

i will always remember,

and always be touched, deeply

by this horrific tragedy:



*wave, honk, or hug a firefighter, cop or paramedic today… or this week… at any time… i don’t always have respect for them, but when the chips are down, any abuse of power is out the window, and all they care about is…. us. i waved at a fire chief this morning- he probably thought i was crazy, but i don’t care! 🙂


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