random musings

November 21, 2012

so i have to wonder… if these other bloggers/authors/writers like my writings and blog, does that mean they think i have talent and potential or are they just working on the free press? i mean, either way, i can dig it.

i’m really just curious. because, personally, i feel i have what it takes, and it makes me wonder what i’m missing when those rejection letters keep piling up.

what i need is a mentor and an editor. but… those are hard to come by when everybody expects perfection right out of the gate. aren’t we all just diamonds in the rough?


in other news, i have been contemplating a cafepress store, and maybe putting some of my art up, or some poetry. but… i dunno. because i’m not sure if i really keep up with it enough to do so. i don’t really know if i have that much of an audience or fan-base, ya know?


in the meantime, my friends, keep writing, and keep the faith!


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