-the pearl necklace-

January 7, 2013


it wasn’t something

i’d seen before-

(it wasn’t as though i rifled through your things)

not until she opened it,

at her birthday party-

(i think it might have been her 8th)

that’s one of the first times i realized

you’d never love me the right way-

(you’d told me, at 16, you couldn’t trust me with pearls)

“this was mine,”

you’d told the little girl-

(who incidentally was not your own)

“and i want you to have it because

it’s very special to me”-

(i couldn’t be trusted, but a child could?)

what had i done so wrong,

that you didn’t think of me as heirloom-worthy-

(you claimed i was your family)

i did everything you wanted,

with very few mishaps-

(almost the perfect child)

do you know where that

necklace is now?


i bet you regret giving it to

an 8 year old kid-

(who couldn’t be trusted…)



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