February 10, 2013


the lambs are crying,

while the sheep

are frozen in fear-

the slaughter is coming,

time of death is near…

their fear is powerful,

overtaking rationale-

so lost in submission,

any act without faith is

an act of contrition-

they don’t realize

they can save themselves,

just by stepping aside,

and listening

to their little lambs cry-




  1. this reminds me of society. What did you intend your reader to think about when you wrote this?

    • that’s exactly what i had in mind… it’s very perceptive of you to have picked that up. however, i tend to believe that each person sees in art what they feel inside. so the fact that you recognized that it’s a take on today’s society, it makes me think that maybe you and i are on that same wavelength! awesome, and thank you for the comment!

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