disappointing news-

February 13, 2013

mostly for me.

i didn’t make it into the second cut of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award… who’s to say how they were chosen, is what my bf tells me. maybe they picked only the first hundred who submitted from each category. maybe.

well, i had my obligatory mope, and even shed some tears… i think i’ve cried and hurt over writing more than almost any human (ok, not entirely) true. but to give up writing would mean to give up breathing or eating… i just couldn’t do it.

i really only wish i knew what it was that these people think i am lacking so much of, and how to fix it. or, even which publisher/agent is the right one to see my potential. if i can’t even get an agent to see my worth, then what exactly IS my worth?

the bitch of it is, i’m really terrible at writing things like query letters and summaries of my stories… which is a part of the hook. a BIG part. finding an agent? not as easy as people think and make it out to be.

i write the way that i write… it’s my style, it’s my heart and soul. it’s how we all do it. i don’t want to have to change that just to get into the mainstream. none of us should have too… it’s what makes our writing unique and indelible.

until the next, dear friends…. keep freakin writing.


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