something to consider-

March 7, 2013

here is a great article i found: Enemies of the Art Part 10- Having a Thin Skin. Reading it all the way through, i realized that she raises a lot of great points, and that i am, unfortunately, sometimes the person of whom she speaks.

I do tend to get a little defensive about my work, as we all do, i’m sure- these words are our babies. we cradle them in their infancy and nurture them, watching them grow into full blown works of art.

we feel that maybe there’s a sense of perfection, because, after all, we created it. as a mother looks upon her child, she feels justified in calling him (or her) perfection, no matter their flaws.

what we need to focus on is exactly what the writer of the article (author of We Are Not Alone), highlights. criticism is our friend. maybe a frenemy at times, but we can never get better without somebody pointing out said flaws, no matter how minor.



  1. I read this blog post today, too. It’s great that you can be honest and objectively identify the quality in yourself. I agree with you – accepting criticism can be a hard pill to swallow. What I’ve started doing is putting the piece away for a while (weeks, or even months) and return to the critique when I can look at it more objectively. It almost always works, and I’m able to accept a tough critique much more objectively.

    • that’s a pretty good idea… i will have to try it. i get caught up in the air of the story, even though i’m the author, and i forget that i need to be tough! thanks so much for the feedback, and good luck in your endeavors!

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