-not your fault-

March 13, 2013


we were friends before

we were sisters-

we played and laughed and

had sleepovers-

i liked your family-

they seemed to like me-

they took me in and

gave me a home-

then the sunny skies became

stormy… dark…

i suffered their wrath and anger,

taking the heat for your actions-

after all, you could do

no wrong…

but you could, and you did-

there were things that

wasn’t your fault-

what your father did to me-

how cold your mother was to me-

or even how you failed to protect me

when i asked for your help-

(alright, so maybe i can blame you a little for that)-

now it’s your responsibility to

keep your lambs safe-

even when he’s Free-

i beg you-

do not fail them, too.



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