Taking a break.

March 15, 2013

Yep, you read correctly. I am taking a much needed break from “First Hunt” in order to work on some more stories for “The Accursed People”. I have been thinking on this project for some time, and recently got the motivation to do it. it’s called “The Untold Tales of The Accursed People”. You’d think i could come up with a more imaginative name, but that one seems as good as any.

i will be telling the stories of some things that happened in the background of the original text, and perhaps (hopefully) clarify some of the more confused bits, and filling in any holes. It’s a bit of a prequel, really.

I also have a sequel planned.

things to answer some of the biggest questions… like: what happened to torah and her gypsy sisters? what were the prophecies, and what prompted them to be found? what was Therayden Warfbuttle’s deal?


hopefully i will have it done within the week, and then up on createspace and kindle in the following week.

don’t forget to check out my other short stories… you can find them on the above sites, for a price slash. 🙂


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