April 2, 2013

while marketing with giveaways is a great idea, i wonder if it’s worth my time to do it more often?

i am still struggling to find a venue that works for me. in fact, i’ve joined several discussion groups (which i despise), and connected my linkedin account and created a tumblr account just to connect. i don’t even know what tumblr does!

i also read that business cards were a good way to catch people’s attention, but the problem lies in this: who do i give them to? can i just go into stores and ask if i can leave a bunch lying around? i’m not exactly the kind of person that goes up to people and shoves things in their face… i even felt awkward “missioning” in high school! (“do you know the love of jesus christ?” i don’t think so!)

it’s not as though i don’t toot my own horn every once in a while on facebook, either… i just don’t want to become a whore to it. i feel my work can stand on it’s own merit. other people seem to think the only way to get the publicity is by whoring yourself out, but i feel i want to keep my dignity. it may be that the bigger, more public the failure, the more it will hurt me. perhaps i’m trying to cover my feelings.

either way… does anybody have suggestions on how to market? i looked into free marketing, and well… yeah. scams. always too good to be true.

Keep reading, keep writing.



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