Versatile Blogger Nominee!

May 25, 2013

I would like to thank roseshadows for her nomination… I love her humor, and the fact that she is a bit of a Trekkie like me (I miss Data!) I love how she reads any subject, genre and author. Check her out, she has some interesting things to say.


Seven Things About Literalstarvingartist:


1. Named after a Norse Goddess.

2. Geek- I love sci-fi (I re-watch many of the shows on Netflix), comics, movies based on comics (and books, sometimes), and playing games on PS3 either by myself or with a friend.

3. I can be really goofy- I still love cartoons and make corny jokes.

4. The beach. Standing beside the ocean puts things in perspective and makes me feel connected to the earth.

5. I adore writing. I have published about a dozen books/short stories for Amazon (paperback and kindle)

6. I support my community, and feel all folks should have the same rights (with some exceptions. i.e: murderers, rapists, child molesters) and frequently write poetry or stories to reflect that.

7. Addicted to chap-stick (Burt’s Bees!): if somebody were to steal my purse, I would beg them to let me keep my chap-stick.


My fifteen nominees (in no particular order, I love all the blogs I follow)

If you choose to accept, you can find the info here.



kvenna rao(d?) (forgive me if the spelling is off, I cannot make the same symbols!)

Kristen Lamb

The Blog

Street of Dreams

Retcon Poet


Allen Fiction

Gabriel Lucatero





Dianne Gray



as always, keep writing!



  1. I’ve nominated you for the Versatile bloggers Award. For more info look here:

  2. Ah, thank you for your kind comments, geek and goofy? we have things in common. Best Wishes.

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