August 24, 2013

I got another rejection letter… this time from ROC….

I pose these questions to you:

A) Do rejections mean my writing is bad? Rather, when they say “I feel with the current crowded marketplace, there is no room for your work, though I appreciate the opportunity to read it,” does it mean my writing is bad?


B) I have been publishing my own work for quite a few months now, through Amazon’s CreateSpace, and have very few sales to show for it; does that mean my writing is bad?


These questions undoubtedly go through all of our minds when something like that happens. Do we disillusion ourselves into thinking “well, we just haven’t found the right publisher/editor/audience yet”?  is it even a disillusionment?

are we writing according to the rules of “the man”, or do we throw those rules out the window and write what we know and what we love? Why isn’t the passion and the heartache that goes along with this labor of love enough for the rest of the corporate masses?

how long do we keep this up?

i suppose those of us who have better things to do or succeed elsewhere may give it up or put it on the back burner, but in the long run, i reckon i intend to keep on laboring away, no matter what anybody says about it.

yes, i will take the words of an editor into consideration, and probably test readers…. but in the end, don’t we all just write for ourselves?


ok… maybe a little for the fans, too.




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