Keep Writing Anyway

August 29, 2013



I know there’s still a stigma attached to self-publishing but let’s be honest, going indie takes guts. We don’t have a team of agents and editors and publishers concerned with our every move and stroking our ego leading up to publication day. There is no coddling or hand holding. There is no contractual or monetary evidence that we are actually talented.

We are alone and we operate on pure faith. That’s it. And it’s scary.

I’ve spent the last few months making a list of book reviewers to contact when I release my current WIP. It’s been incredibly tedious and since I’m a pretty voracious reader, I can’t help but find myself scrolling through every bloggers backlog and writing down books that sound interesting. It was the sort of distraction that started out innocent but just might end up being detrimental.

See, I look at these other books, at these…

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