Almost there… still.

September 4, 2013

Back up to needing three follows in order to activate my free giveaway, Kindle titles.

Not quite sure what I’m doing wrong. Does anybody know of another way to spread marketing?

I’m attempting to push my posts into viral status, but I guess because I’m not holding a heart-breaking sign, it’s not good enough. Ok, ok, so maybe that’s me being a little jaded, but for those of us who have issues gaining popularity and fans, you do sorta have to wonder sometimes.

Why isn’t it enough, and what more is there to do?

I even have a bit of guerrilla marketing that i do (I put my business cards on bookshelves)….

What works for you guys?





One comment

  1. Hello, A few good marketing solutions including joining Facebook book clubs geared toward your genre (believe me there are tons) post a small amount of info on your book along with a book cover and link to purchase page. Do this daily. Another option is to create a Goodreads author page. Join groups there and ask if anyone would be interested in providing your book with a review. People love word of mouth so the more reviews you can get the more likely others are willing to purchase your book also. I wrote on the topic and if you don’t mind I provided a link back for more marketing ideas. Hope they are useful!! http://platinumstarz.wordpress.com/2013/08/23/free-or-low-cost-book-marketing/

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