Like a Man

November 6, 2013

i love this!!

Offtheravenstongue's Blog

I am so bored with being ‘pretty’
With fulfilling your fantasies so that I can be
How about what I want?
I want to nurture my feminine spirit
In ways that can’t be seen
Build a fire in my womb
And let it burn this hypocrisy
Of woman
Role playing, soul hiding
Patriarchal scam.
I can put on red lipstick
Fuck you like wild rivers
Rushing through these makeshift dams
And I don’t have to cook you dinner.
I don’t have to clean the sink.
I can wear high heels and mini skirts.
Make babies
And resurrect your dead.
Launch an investigation to the
Truths within your head.
Does that make me a woman?
Do you need me to feel like a man?



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