November 10, 2013


clinging to their


we fly so high…

yet when they fall,

we loosen our hold,

judgment falling upon them…

they spend their lives fitting

into molds that we

have created,

perfection expected of them

at every turn…

when they finally crack,

we blame them,

never taking responsibility…

i say ‘we’…

but of all of ‘us’…

i am the one who understands

them the best…

trying to fit into these molds,

these expectations held by others,

is trying work…

it’s soul-killing,

a reckless environment in

which to thrive…

spending too much time being

what others want,

never what they want…

never what i want…

and when those few, those brave few,

break free,

or crash and burn…

you turn up your noses

and leave them for dead.



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