Something to ponder-

February 7, 2014

So I’ve been thinking a little about what makes a great story, and what makes a great writer.

There are plenty of people and classes, to listen to and attend, that will tell you perfect story function, character breakdowns, chapter breakdowns, dialogue, first-second-and third- drafts, and then some. i don’t know that that ‘some’ would be, but I’m sure there’s more.

Thing is, i think i have been breaking all the rules for ‘traditional’ writing. the only thing i think i do that is common for most writers is writing it all out in a notebook (some people on a legal pad) before i even think about putting it on my USB. Well… i take that back, sometimes I have drawings/pictures of states/maps/places of interest, to help me to visualize it, as well as character names, and who they are. they don’t always have backgrounds, and sometimes i develop them as the story goes.

I hate writing more than the first rough draft, and i despise editing. I suppose it’s because i figure if i had wanted to change something i would have done it upon transferring it from paper to digital.

Even when it came to papers/essays in school. I could BS my way around it, but hated using their prescribed format. What was it called? MLS? and bibliographies? please… don’t even get me started.

I’m also an artist… i’m no Michelangelo, but i do alright (mine will probably only sell after I’m dead… like Picasso). It’s the same thing there. I understand learning technique… but don’t you dare tell me how to be creative… or that i drew something the wrong way when it turned out exactly the way i wanted it!

Now i understand there are certain things, as writers and artists that we have to have some give in, but… i’ll be damned. unless your ‘corrections’ are perfectly correlated with my story, don’t you freakin’ dare!

perhaps it’s a good thing that i am not traditionally published. I might end up socking the crap outta my editor.


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