Full Moon, Book 2, The Hunter Archives and Marketing

March 8, 2014

Turns out I have about 10 more chapters until I am done with this one… It took some doing, and I felt like I really struggled with it. Thankfully I have some very helpful, patient friends and fans helping me out! (hopefully will be released on Amazon in the coming week)

I have continued with my guerrilla marketing in Wal-Mart’s book section, and expanded into doctor’s offices (as I have been having some health issues, so I am there a lot more), dropping my cards out the window in certain areas (where I know they are bound to be picked up). There has to be a better way. I have tried to make strides in online marketing, at least in terms of social media. Something I hope to do in the next year is to take a couple paperbacks to the flea market, along with some flyers.

Boy, it’s a tough market out there.

I, like most authors, know that if I could just get the word out, people would love my writing.

I am still attempting to gain 100 followers on Facebook (I’m at 88, now), with the prize/reward of an activated giveaway of one of my E-Books.

And, as with everything in life, it takes time, and I’m just not an entirely patient person.

Keep it up, don’t give up on your dreams…. cheers!


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