Another Retro Post

March 20, 2014

I wrote this short story in high school-


“The Magic Stuff”


Once, there was a time in my life that I was an innocent.

So young and inexperienced.

And I was conned.

Conned into making the biggest mistake of my life.

They told me that if I smoked this magic stuff I could fly. Then they handed me something that looked like a cigarette. With the older kids laughing and jeering at me, I smoked it. A couple of them because they told me only one would never work.

They watched me as I climbed to the roof of a bar. They watched me as I spread my arms open wide. And they watched me as I jumped. I had actually jumped.

I was spinning headfirst to the ground.

Swirling to me, faster and faster still.

Then I realized… “I’m eight years old… I don’t want to die!”

By some great miracle, I survived.

As I lay, broken and bleeding on the ground, I noticed that all of the older kids had scattered. Not one of them had tried to help me!

Luckily, the owner of the bar had come out some time later to feed his horses, and he got me to the hospital. I am forever grateful to this man.

While in the hospital, I found out that I would forever be paralyzed, from the neck down.

All because of a deadly drug that said I could fly.



*I suppose this was my “Anti-Drug Stance” or my “Drug-Free America” contribution…. either way… it was before I ever even experimented and found out that… well, this rarely ever happens.


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