fighting and … flighting

May 4, 2014

you may or may not know that i struggle with anxiety and ptsd…

well, i do, and for a myriad of reasons that i won’t go into now. Needless to say, i have seen my share of therapists in my life.

The reason I bring this up is because of a comment i received on on  of my posts, how the completion of any novel is cause for celebration (which of course i appreciate and identify with).I took from this that it doesn’t matter how long it takes to complete, as long as it *is* complete.

well, a number of years ago, i saw a therapist that stuck out in my mind. not because she was nice, or helpful, or anything like that. it was because of how belittling she became when i told her about my writing. and i don’t mean constructive criticism, either.

it was my first novel, and i had been working on it for 10 years… it had been finished within one, but i kept getting rejections from publishers and agents, so i kept fine tuning and editing it. i was almost obsessed.

so when i told her this, she burst into laughter that lasted about two minutes.

talk about embarrassing.

once her laughter subsided, she tried to cover… but, ya know. the damage had already been done.

i suppose the reason i say any of this is because you shouldn’t let anybody else rush your process…. don’t let people judge you for how long, or short, it takes to write your novel. write it, and celebrate its completion.

don’t worry what people say, especially if they’re supposed to be the ones encouraging you.



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