Defining ‘Meaning’

July 28, 2014

This is something I have struggling with in my life.


For instance; in Art and English classes, the teachers often tell us to ‘define’ what a particular piece of work ‘means’ or ‘says’ to us. The thing that gets me the most riled up is when they tell the student that they are wrong.

While I do agree that some experts “claim” a certain meaning in a particular work is the only correct answer, I stand by my own. Only the Artist/Author knows the ‘true’ meaning of the work.

How dare anybody else attempt to analyze and break it down into more than it really is?

One of the best things that I ever saw was in the form of a Venn Diagram.

And  ya know what, it’s true!!

But, in the meantime… there are still those of us who create to invoke the feelings and thoughts of our audiences… to let THEM feel and honor and believe what they see and feel inside of us. well, our creations.

and themselves.



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