Writer’s Block

September 7, 2014

I recently asked on Facebook what other people do when they run headlong into that brick wall called Writer’s block.


Well… I’ll tell you what I do-


First off, I don’t write. I know they say that it doesn’t matter what- or how much- you write, as long as you write (in fact, this is one of my personal mottos), but when my muse has left me high and dry, I am blind to creativity. Sure, sometimes I still manage to eek out a drawing or poem here or there, or even crochet a bit of a throw blanket or scarf….by and large, these things are mindless tasks. I can lose myself in them without giving them too much thought. Don’t get me wrong, when I am in the writing zone, I am the same way. It’s a matter of punching a hole through that wall, or kicking down that door.

Secondly…. I do find OTHER things to do: oh look, there’s a pile of dishes in the sink! Ew! And a ring around the tub….oh, man, that spot on the tile is just gonna attract ants, or bugs, or something. Here, let me clean that up for you.

Too bad dirt doesn’t always attract the muse, although at times I find she is with me,looking over my shoulder, whispering thoughts into my brain as i do these chores. sometimes, in fact, the characters themselves come to me.

What I wish I could do is control them…instead, they control me.


Cheers, all! ❤




PS I’m not crazy…just a creative, metaphorical person. I’m sure there are others like me in the world…. right? *blinks and looks around* right?


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