New Projects

September 30, 2014

I have decided that I am going to do a series of poems involving self-reflection and introspection… -hm- will  have been the first in said series, and there will be more to follow.

The point of this project is to build, not only myself up, but anybody it touches. I want to become a more positive person, less affected by those who have wronged me. Yes, yes, I know that I (we) would not be who I (we) am (are) without them, and I fully expect that this project will not heal me (us) completely, but I truly believe that everything comes in time, especially to those who truly work at it. To those who sincerely want a better life, or a better outlook.

I am tired of masking the pain; I want to confront it; something I am sure you have seen in my previous works.

By saying these things, and putting it ‘to paper’, perhaps it will become truth.


Point Two of this post, if you weren’t already aware, my good friend and fellow author, M. Andrew O’Hearn has graciously agreed to share some of his writings with us, via my Facebook page. For the time being, he has shared his novel, The Children of Cain, in four sections. Check it out! You can find more of his great work on Amazon.


Point Three: I was thinking about working on a book of poetry. Perhaps new poems, or just compiling the poetry found here. The issue I continue to run into is that I worry it will be a whole lot of work and effort for very little payoff.  Writing my stories is one thing….but trying to find suitable poems, researching my blog…. etc…that’s very time consuming. Is this something anybody would be interested in having on their shelves? Or, e-shelves?


Once again thank you for putting up with my muffled nonsense- have a good week, dear readers!





** Note: up to 143 likes on Facebook…. let’s bring this contest to a close people! Again, the prize is a First Edition signed set of The Raven Chronicles!


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