Old Projects

October 11, 2014

The Second Daughter



going through some notebooks today and came across this… The Second Daughter; a novel I started writing years ago, but somehow got sidetracked away from. I got about two or three chapters actually written, and as you can see, i have the entire book planned out in note cards. but every time i think about going back to it, to pick it up again, i feel somewhat overwhelmed.

How can i possibly pick up where I left off? Is this a daunting task for everybody? If so, how do we get past this barrier?



One comment

  1. God’s Poetic Child say’s that it’s time for you to finish the book. Finish back what you started and publish it. You never know who will read it and your book will become world wide. God’s Poetic Child says that she encourage you to keep writing. You have two or three chapters written already. Take some time and look over those chapters and note cards and figure out why you started writing that in the first place. Release that book and stay encourage! If you need to be encouraged check out my blog and there is a poem especially for you. http://thepoeticchild.wordpress.com I hope this helps. STAY ENCOURAGE AND RELEASE IT!

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