-dear world-

February 21, 2015



dear world-

this isn’t suicide-

this is self-preservation-

cutting ties is awash with waterfall


where we,

who have been wronged

are free from those

who have wronged us-

from those

willing to believe lies over truth;

and from those willing to thrust

us aside for a stranger-

for society’s wrathful gaze–

unwilling to be burdened with the sins

and the memories

of their past (or ours),

they cast us off-

blinded by the shiny

and the new-

the un-reflective-

perhaps there,

they will not be burdened by the


the sister,


the friend

who consistently disappoints…


we are not fuck-ups,

merely damaged-

and in the end, even damaged goods

get a shelf on which to rest-

even if it’s a

dusty shelf

in a cold, dark closet.




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