April 23, 2015



***taken from my facebook page (don’t forget to ‘like’!)***


I am going to forego the share weekend this week in order to do a little bit of research. (not to fret, I may still do it saturday evening into sunday)

I have been thinking that there is something I am missing in my writing- the last few books i have written have come up a bit shorter than they used to be. by at least 100 pages.

If you have read anything that I have written, is there something i could have added to have made it better? i.e; more details, conversations? Somebody pointed out once that maybe my conversations seem a little one sided. Perhaps that is because in life, I don’t really converse, haha. I tend to remain quiet and soak it all in.

Otherwise, what do you look for in a book for quality and entertainment?

i admit i am a simple writer; and tend to keep things that way. i feel you can say a lot without over-inundating people, or overwhelming them with too much information or details.

I also like to let the reader use their imagination more than other writers- the way a character or scene seems, or looks to me, in my mind is different than she may look in yours.It’s a personal experience. Plus, it opens up all sorts of options for movie casting wink emoticon

And i love that about books. That they can be seen as works of art- each person takes away something different.


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