Writing for the Audience

October 7, 2015

The question has been running through my mind lately. How do I know that I’m doing the right thing in my writing. It seems that people who are interested in your work would follow your every move when you’re doing the right thing.
It seems like the problem is that everybody is out to get noticed and nobody wants to actually be involved in the process. When I become a follower of something it’s because usually I believe in it. It’s not because somebody gave me a like so I’m going to give them a return like and then I’m going to unlike him later because all I want is likes, or follows.
Obviously what we all truly desire in life is to be liked and to have fans; people who support and validate us. But where does it end? I don’t want to be one of those people who are so desperate that I hurt other people by getting what I need or want out of life. If I believe in you I want to say so I want to support you 100%. I reblog and I repost and I’ve put in the work to show people that I care about their success. Sometimes it feels like I’m the only fan in the world who would do such a thing without reciprocation.
That is not to say i haven’t seen a handful of others do the same for me.
A lot of people feel like you are not mainstream or if you’re not traditionally published that you’re not worth anything, so why should they bother? I’ll tell you why: because all of us whether we deserve it or not, or whether we’re actually talented or not we all deserve a chance. Because we put in the same amount of work, if not more!
If you think that spelling errors or plot holes are what make a terrible story then perhaps you need to get your priorities straight. Just because we self-publish or independently publishe doesn’t mean that we’re going to have the same issues. We work hard to make sure that those things don’t happen. And if they do happen, f*** it.

Is the story good, is the story straight, do you understand what’s going on? Are the characters somewhat relatable? Why do we have to be JK Rowling or Suzanne Collins or Stephen King in order to be any kind of good writer? In order to gain any loyalty?
I always felt like people should be held on the merit of their character and the overall talent (in cases such as this)as opposed to who people decide compare us to. Because if you or I compare this writing or anybody’s writing, to that standard, no one’s ever going to be good enough.
Granted I’m not going to let my success or failure over the internet but define me as a person or a writer, I’m going to keep writing as long as I can for long as I’m alive.
I also don’t want to let it change me I don’t want to be that person who forget the s*** they came up through to get to where they are now. I don’t want to forget the people who did help me get to where I am; because in general I’m just not that kind of person.
I’m the kind of person that wants to see people succeed. I want to succeed. And when it doesn’t happen it does make me feel bad. Especially when I feel like I’ve done everything in my power to make it happen.
When it boils down to it, it’s about the fans and as they say fans are fickle.
These days few truer words have been spoken. so many people are wanting to be a part of the next great big thing as long as it’s just there upon the horizon; nobody wants to start in the dirt with you.
It’s easy to get pulled along the tides of what’s popular and what’s new; it’s even harder to stick by what you truly believe and truly love. It takes commitment.
So I say, that if you only follow my blog or my tweets or my facebook, to get a return follow or to hopefully gain a new fans, f*** you.
You need a new hobby.
And… On the off chance that you become a fan along the way, but can’t afford the work, get involved.
Test reading, editing, constructive criticism, moral support; spreading the word of said work.
There are tons of ways not to be an asshole about the things that somebody poured their heart and soul into.


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