-tiny mother –

May 8, 2016

You were too young…
It wasn’t your fault .
Still you did it.
If it wasn’t partly me,
It was absolutely a strong,
burning desire to live-
One I’ve seen in you
Ever since-
That fighting spirit,
Ever apparent,
Ever enviable.
You survived any way
You could.
You’ve fought and struggled
And you’ve lost and you’ve won…
All I wanted was to be
A part of it.
Idolized you, deified you.
But you’ve felt far too deeply
for far too long
To know it’s still a good idea
To walk away.
To be any more than we once were
Was hard to digest.
Plant the barriers, cut the ties,
Suffocate the memories
You see in my eyes.
A reflection of your struggles
Even if they sometimes included
me, I saw that searing rage to run, to survive,
No matter what.

Thank you, for being
My tiny mother.



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