Sneak Peek Cover!

June 26, 2016





Back Text (looks too small to read!)

Nyra; a novice Soul Caster, seeks vengeance for her twin’s murder, leaving home even as her brother burns upon the pyre.

Laila; a self-described Nature Mage, has tremendous druidic potential…if she would only stop thinking about the Legend for a moment! Maybe then, she would realize how much she has to learn…

Out of the kingdom of Saris comes a fugitive Prince- who prefers to be called ‘Tad’- and a dozen fighting allies from the south, including

Nafe, a man steady with his axe, always quick to take action.

To their great relief, King Tolard and Princess Ryla of Itria; City of Jasper; come to their aid.

As well as famed Mistress of the Clan of Crystal Dragons, Valeth.


If one were to collect the skulls of all six Tribe Alphas of the Crystal Dragons, one would gain immeasurable power.

If one were to collect all six skulls, one would achieve God-dom.


– The Legend of the Crystal Dragons



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