PSA Medical Kidnapping

July 20, 2016

Search any engine and you’ll find tons of articles like this.

I don’t know how to stop this, but it is certainly something that needs to be.

Quick reference, medical kidnapping is when the doctors/hospital/cps makes the decision to keep a patient against his/her/the parents will. With children it often results in termination of  parental rights. And it doesn’t always mean abuse; sometimes it means a genetic disorder, or a vitamin deficiency. But the professionals in charge don’t care; they just make the call.
As a child who grew up in foster care (I don’t mean just a handful of homes, either), I am qualified to say that this needs to stop. Abuse happens in those homes more than anybody cares to let on . 

And if a man who is trying to get his life back on track with a wife, a job loyal friends, and yes, a record,  comes into the er with a sick newborn, I don’t care what the record says. You do a goddamn investigation before terminating parental rights. 

Some of those articles you will read if you do the search speak of years of separation and unconcluded cases. 

How do you fight against the government/law, when you know you are in the right, but they just don’t give a shit?

This is a huge issue, and there need to be more ways to fight it.
Stop rolling over an taking it!! Let’s kick some ass!
Cheers, butterflies.


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