Author Spotlight: Jessica Marie Baumgartner

February 13, 2017

Second Spotlight, butterflies!

Our guest today is Jessica Marie Baumgartner, author of  By the Stars (Book One of the Embracing Entropy series) and My Family is Different, a children’s book illustrated by Laura Winship-Fanae. Baumgartner has written several more, but these are the ones which stand out to me. I am embarrassed to say that I have not read the entire Embracing Entropy series, but I will have you know it is on my to read list!

Baumgartner is fearless, and I hope to one day be as brave!


Jessica’s motto is: Adventure first, then write! When not running around exploring nature and chasing after two smaller versions of herself, she also feeds the bunny. Somehow in there she has found the time to author the Embracing Entropy Series, Siren’s Snare, Tale of Two Bookends, and My Family Is different. She is a currently member of the Missouri Writers Guild and SCBWI. Her articles and stories have been featured in a wide variety of publications such as Outposts of beyond, Circle Magazine, Everyday Fiction, The Lorelei Signal, and many more. 

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And, right on into the questions!

  1. How long have you been a writer/artist?

I want to give the poetic, “since I could remember” answer, because I’ve always been getting into trouble for daydreaming and making up stories (It took me a while to learn the difference between fantasy and reality as a child). But in terms of professional writing, I got my first paying gig back in 2011, so about 6 years.

  1. Who do you most identify with (living, dead, real or fictional)?

Holy hell! I love this question. I can think of people living, dead, real, and fictional, but if I can only pick one, probably…this is so hard. Haha How about I go with fictional? Jane Eyre (Charlotte Bronte) comes to mind, so does Matilda (Roald Dahl) and Kaeldra (Susan Fletcher). I am not nearly as talented as these characters, or as cool, and though my life has been rough-it wasn’t as bad as theirs, but they share a lot of feelings I have often harbored. A love of reading and art, being a weird greenish eyed chick, having known the cruelty of others and learning to forgive.

  1. Tell us a fun and interesting fact about one of your projects?

My first novel, the one I finished first and have actually shed tears over is STILL unpublished. I threw it in my duds folder ages ago and had given up on it. Now that I’ve grown my editing skills, I wish to revive her, but it’s going to take a few years probably. haha

  1. Of your own work, which specific piece would you be excited to be known best for?

Probably my upcoming children’s book: The Golden Rule. It’s a simple story about a girl who learns the golden rules from many different religions and philosophies around the globe. My first children’s book: My Family is Different has been very popular and I constantly get thanked for writing it. So many people express their shock at the fact that we don’t have more books about acceptance and diversity.

  1. If you could, who would you ask to look at your work?

I honestly don’t know. Every literary agent that exists? Haha I can’t fathom asking any famous author to do it because they have their own work to do. Maybe Dave Grohl or Betty White? haha

  1. What is your main inspiration?

My kids. I’ve always written, but I never honestly thought it was a viable career choice. I kind of fell into getting published after my first daughter was born. From there both girls have been super encouraging. They have unconditional faith in my stories.

  1. Where do you get your ideas?

Beats me. haha They’re constantly attacking my brain. I have notebooks full of ideas for projects I want to start on once I wrap up the ones I’m currently shaping.

  1. How do you overcome writer’s/artist’s block?

What is this “writer’s block” that you speak of, and where do I get it? I could use some because I find myself constantly itching to write.

  1. In which genre do you enjoy working the most (horror, mystery, abstract, etc.)?

It depends on the day. Most often I would say that writing for children is one of the most gratifying storytelling routes. They really listen and haven’t already heard everything. That just might be me being lazy. I also astound myself with how my non-fiction pieces turn out.

  1. How long does it take you to complete a project?

If only there was a set number. Unfortunately my work is always all over the place. I recently finished a short fantasy story in one night, but I’ve also had works that took over a year to finish.

  1. What would you tell aspiring writers/artists?

Writing is NOT a get rich quick scheme. If you wouldn’t dedicate yourself to it without the prospect of being paid, get out now.

  1. Who is your favorite independent writer/artist?

Richard Smyth. I stumbled on his first novel by accident and been hooked ever since. He does nature pieces in addition to fiction and that offers a broader scope to appreciate.

  1. Who is your favorite mainstream writer/artist?

Damn. How do you pick one? That’s like asking my favorite color-rainbow, or my favorite song-which genre, era, and tempo? I love Neil Gaiman, Susanna Clarke, Ray Bradbury, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Susan Fletcher, Dr. Seuss, Roald Dahl, and a bajillion others.

  1. Do you do anything in order to prepare for your writing sessions?

Different writing sessions call for different practices. Some nights I just need some wine or rum, others I have to go outside and hike or swim to get my head right. Jumping up and down or dancing is often needed. (I don’t sit still well.) Writing by candlelight gets my gears turning at times too.

  1. And, most importantly, do you have a favorite hot or cold beverage and/or snack that you like to have with you while working?

In winter, there is nothing like hot green tea. Spring is more about the void of food but lots of rum and wine. In summer and fall, jerky and trail mix are my best friends.



If there is anything else you’d like to know, feel free to ask what you like in the comments.  When I give the option to ask questions and to connect with the author, I expect a modicum of respect. I will delete any attempts to be a horrid troll.

If there are other authors you would like to learn about, or if you would like to be featured, let me know- but  be realistic. i’ll have an easier time trying to contact an indy author than i would stephen king.

Take care butterflies! }|{


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