Been some time…

October 23, 2017

Hi butterflies!

I have two things today.

First: My apologies for my absence. I’ve been dealing with some mental health issues, not to mention writing some poetry and finishing the final edits on Mercenary’s Edge. I’ve also finally acquired an Instagram account under LFA Turppa, if you care to follow.

Second: Q and I were watching Shark Tank, S9/e5. Usually the Sharks always have great advice that you can sonehow apply to your every day life, either professionally or personally (through their own inspiring stories); this time it was Mark Cuban. 

**Possible spoilers ahead**

 So, the guys were talking about the shirts they designed, and near the end of the pitch, Mr Cuban (loosely), said, “I love the idea, and I love what you’re doing, but for me it’s a no. You’re just still working it through.” This is not verbatum, and im not trying to put words in his mouth.

While I’m not entirely sure how that affected the guys it resonated with me. 

It spoke to me on a personal level, because I’d been agonizing over why rejection letters are so formal and uninformative. For example, what we could improve in order to be even considered would be helpful.
Because what that said to me is “you’re talented, and definitely have potential, but you still need some growth.”

How hard would that be for a publisher/literary agent to say? Or in the very least, not insult my intelligence by telling me they even read it to begin with?

Granted, many problems would be fixed if they accepted it, but how can i get good enough, better even, for them to notice?

So, in short, thank you mark cuban for saying something that many publishers and sgents wouldn’t bother saying. Also aware the advice may have been meant only for that situation.

My fault in finding a positive meaning for myself in it. 😉
Take care butterflies!


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