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December 14, 2016

Poor people

Should not be made

To feel guilt

For being poor.

They should not feel

It a sin to

Be hungry,




Don’t just complain 

That it happens…

Make a positive change

To prevent it.



-what she took-

December 6, 2016

For granted:

Those who tried their best,

The good times,

The memories,

The fairy tale dream…

Until another broken heart

Taught her another important 


Soccer mom avenue was

Creeping upon the horizon,

But not until she fit their molds…

They couldn’t accept it,

No tolerance of the rejection,

She refused societal boundaries,

Considered a societal burden…

If she hadn’t thought to

Appreciate what she’d once

Taken for granted,

Never would she have 



-bitter nectar-

December 1, 2016

bitter nectar from which i


home of melancholy eternal…

no sugary sweetness or

candy coating-

reflections only remind of why

i went unloved-

ever broken, ever shattered…

ever collecting the jagged edges-

a house built the best i can

using the pieces, a mortar of

bullshit and lies,

and a quicksand foundation.








December 1, 2016



Struggling and scraping

For a connection-

Who’s my Mother?

My Father?

Where is my Family?

Leaving the connections open,

Finding deadened circuits…

Always searching 



-you’re kidding-

December 1, 2016

You expected normal-
You expected an easy Gold Star-

Never once realizing 

There was never normal for me…

Never any easy stars…

No coasting,

Only invisibility and pretend.

Growing in a society that

Expects too much,

With no home life 

(To speak of)-

Even those who cared,

Did only enough. ..

You can’t be surprised I 

Fell through the cracks,

Breaking both my legs

While 911 ignores my call




December 1, 2016

At this age,

Once dreamt of dreams

Become mystic bygones

Of a sand storm era-

No more energy for wars

once fought….

Surreal nightmares 

Projected all day,

Flickering in mind all night…

No cure from busy work.




November 29, 2016

Ever feel like

You’ve just disappeared;

Faded into nothing?

Surrounded, unembraced, 

By darkness?

Nobody knows,

Nobody remembers…

Even you begin to forget.