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December 14, 2016

Poor people

Should not be made

To feel guilt

For being poor.

They should not feel

It a sin to

Be hungry,




Don’t just complain 

That it happens…

Make a positive change

To prevent it.



-what she took-

December 6, 2016

For granted:

Those who tried their best,

The good times,

The memories,

The fairy tale dream…

Until another broken heart

Taught her another important 


Soccer mom avenue was

Creeping upon the horizon,

But not until she fit their molds…

They couldn’t accept it,

No tolerance of the rejection,

She refused societal boundaries,

Considered a societal burden…

If she hadn’t thought to

Appreciate what she’d once

Taken for granted,

Never would she have 




November 18, 2016

It’s why we don’t speak up…

 Why we suffer hunger and abuse…

Why we shall remain victims…

Why we develop mental illnesses…

It’s why we dare not fight…

It’s the reason, I reckon, that 

One day, we snap and bite the hand-

Ultimately, it’s the reason 

we would be put 

to death.



-how do they see us-

November 18, 2016

You don’t need public 


Fly in your private physician.

You don’t need welfare or 

Food stamps:

Get a second job; use your savings…

You don’t need safe spaces

Or therapy:

Get over it. 

      Suffer through.  

           Pull yourself up by your bootstraps.
Kind of hard to do when you

Have no boots.



-papercut heart-

November 15, 2016

Notebooks filled

With notes in well-used margins;

Pages torn out in defeat

And frail desperation,

Balled up and thrown to 

The wolves-


With blood dripping from

Your fingertips…

Keep going.



-memory’s face-

November 14, 2016

Ever see something 

That triggers a memory

that you can’t quite grasp?

So you think…

And think…

And think…

But; the more you think,

The more your brain


“Shut ‘er down?”,

While alarms are

Blaring in your skull?

Perhaps you should listen,

Before it teaches you a lesson.






-health class-

November 8, 2016

all of those

awkward classes,

learning about 

our bodies…

learning how to care

for ourselves;

‘why?’ I would ask myself;

‘why should I care

if my life is extended 

if nobody else does?’