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News! 6/21/2016

June 21, 2016

i started typing and editing my recent project, only to find that i had named it something different than in my notes. i had made a folder that would contain all things regarding the project, and named it Legend of the Crystal Dragons. I have decided that i like it better because it doesn’t seem as clunky as Clan of the Crystal Dragons. to be fair, they are both a little cumbersome.

in other news, i have been debating whether or not to continue my YouTube readings and creating my novel previews- i think i just might do so. I need more things to take up my time, and now that i can focus a little better, perhaps that’s just the thing.

would anybody be interested if i started working on that again? and should i even worry about that? i suppose it may be a necessary evil of ‘building a brand’.

which of my novels would you be interested in hearing readings from?


new book trailers-

July 30, 2015

The Accursed People

The Creation

Dragon Blood

Dragon Born


Still to come:


Hunter Archives:

First Hunt

Full Moon

Last Standoff


Raven Chronicles

Source of Magick

The Poison

Final War





The Cardiff Vampires

Night Child


Book Trailer Number One

July 28, 2015

here is my first book trailer for Blood Lust.


The Accursed People, Chapter Two Video

July 20, 2015

Great news! Chapter Two is up! See it here… don’t forget to like, subscribe and follow!



June 26, 2015


hell is on earth


man is the devil



-not all bad-

June 12, 2015


it wasn’t all bad-

you wiped away my tears-

you fell apart when

you thought i’d


it touched my heart

when you were the

ones who wanted


when nobody would even


no one wanted damaged


but you two took

the chance-

the anger, fights

and resentments

may have torn us apart,

but i know we’ll

always be, at least a little, in

one another’s heart-




June 5, 2015

june 5, 2015

color becomes blue-

light can suffocate,

but darkness swallows

you whole-

there is no protection;

the mightiest of


would quake with fear

and hide

behind their

master’s hand.