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Sneak Peek Cover!

June 26, 2016





Back Text (looks too small to read!)

Nyra; a novice Soul Caster, seeks vengeance for her twin’s murder, leaving home even as her brother burns upon the pyre.

Laila; a self-described Nature Mage, has tremendous druidic potential…if she would only stop thinking about the Legend for a moment! Maybe then, she would realize how much she has to learn…

Out of the kingdom of Saris comes a fugitive Prince- who prefers to be called ‘Tad’- and a dozen fighting allies from the south, including

Nafe, a man steady with his axe, always quick to take action.

To their great relief, King Tolard and Princess Ryla of Itria; City of Jasper; come to their aid.

As well as famed Mistress of the Clan of Crystal Dragons, Valeth.


If one were to collect the skulls of all six Tribe Alphas of the Crystal Dragons, one would gain immeasurable power.

If one were to collect all six skulls, one would achieve God-dom.


– The Legend of the Crystal Dragons



Full Disclaimer

June 22, 2016

in my YouTube videos (and in general) i try to give credit where credit is due, and often try to document it. usually i don’t add my own credits to something like a video that i have spent hours compiling the right pictures and the right words, to make sure the right people are credited. it’s not that i’m trying to be humble or anything, it’s just that i forget. i’m the last on the autograph list 😦

so, i want to say right here and now that if i know who to credit, i 99.9% of the time i will -i have a blanket statement that all credits belong to the original artists, music and otherwise. if i don’t, i am sorry and will attempt to do so in the future.

otherwise, i guess i just assume that people will know that i am the one who painstakingly puts these videos together, trying to get as close to my vision as possible. (not to mention writing the actual manuscript)


so, anyway. yeah. i do all my videos, and i’m sorry if i stomp on toesies.


Good news, Folks!

June 22, 2016

I have had a tremendous amount of mental (and physical!) energy lately, so i have been taking advantage of it.

I finished Legend of the Crystal Dragons (should be available in the next week), and have been making a few YouTube videos (lfa turppa). i have also thought about what my next project might be. Hmm. might actually be a semi-autobiographical thing. i can do that.


i hope you are all well, and just be aware of the coming updates!


News! 6/21/2016

June 21, 2016

i started typing and editing my recent project, only to find that i had named it something different than in my notes. i had made a folder that would contain all things regarding the project, and named it Legend of the Crystal Dragons. I have decided that i like it better because it doesn’t seem as clunky as Clan of the Crystal Dragons. to be fair, they are both a little cumbersome.

in other news, i have been debating whether or not to continue my YouTube readings and creating my novel previews- i think i just might do so. I need more things to take up my time, and now that i can focus a little better, perhaps that’s just the thing.

would anybody be interested if i started working on that again? and should i even worry about that? i suppose it may be a necessary evil of ‘building a brand’.

which of my novels would you be interested in hearing readings from?


Don’t forget!!

June 4, 2016

Flash Freebie –


Flash Freebie

June 2, 2016


Perfect timing as for the release of Book V, Blue Blood.


New Release!

May 30, 2016

Book V, The Cardiff Vampires is live!

Blue Blood